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Best music tools 2021

With so many online music tools designed to work with; composing, sequencing and sampling have never been easier.  Your production workflow will be seamless as you easily access the tools to experiment with and create right from your browser.  We’ve brought the best, most popular tools and software to you here below and all you need is an internet connection and laptop. 

Beat making & beyond

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Creator is an online DAW that lets you cook up beats in minutes with little to no DAW or music theory required. Play with over 1 million royalty-free samples or use smart recommendations to find the right loop fast. Hear your ideas take shape in record time with key and BPM matching—no more transposing samples to make them fit. You can speed it up, sow it down, switch up the key, tweak the entire beat or individual loops until it feels right.

A collaborative music studio by Spotify

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First web-based, cross platform collaborative music recording studio to come on the scene. It’s a perfect introduction to the DAW experience that includes essential features of a typical recording setup. Powerful collaborative tools make this tool a go-to online DAW for many educators. Features like video calling and Google Classroom make it a great learning tool for beginners.

Convert typing into beautiful sounds

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Type anything into Typatone and it will turn every letter into a beautiful sound. Switch the instrument to find what you like best. There’s tons of options. Open several tabs and create a polyphonic melody. Or even transform any text into ambient music by copy-pasting it into Typatone.


baseline music creation DAW

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Make an acid house track right in your browser, then export your creation in WAV format. this tool also has a drum machine to layer under your bassline. This version is totally free. If you’re super into it, there is a new version that goes for 4£ GBP.

real-time multiplayer sound studio

Soundation allowes you to collaborate with others more efficiently than ever. It feels great to be able to quickly pitch ideas, arrange tracks, and parallelize work with multiple producers in real time. This tool makes the best out of music producer's  remote sessions.